Prague Ratter Club Of America Welcomes You!
You will find that it is possible to get a Prague Ratter puppy right here in the United Sates.  Thanks to a small number of dedicated breeders, you can find a pup born and raised right here at home.  We have both imported and USA bred dogs here in our club.  This really helps our gene pool stay strong. Listed below you will see the Prague Ratter kennels registered within our club.  Each kennel operates a little differently.  It is a buyers responsibility to check out the kennel that they wish to get a pup from. It is the buyers responsibility to check the registration. Some dogs will have a CMKU PK registration and some will not. Imported dogs usually have this.  USA bred dogs fo not.  Often times, dogs in the USA will only have a PRCA registration as it is not always easy to obtain the papers on individuals being imported from the Czech Republic. .The PRCA provides registrations to those individuals who can provide the pedigree on their dog OR have parents that are registered with the PRCA. Deciding to add a Prague Ratter to your family is a commitment to keep this rare breed pure and to provide the dog with lifelong care.


If you are a breeder of Prague Ratters, and you are interested in having your kennel listed here, please contact us! There is a kennel registration fee.  If you are breeder that is listed, please keep us informed of your current status... if you have pups for sale, etc....   We want to make it easy for someone to find the pup that they are looking for!



Palomar Prague Ratters

559-246-6664    Kristin Boren
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Rufer's Prague Ratters -David Rufer

(home) 1-605-676-2480 (cell)1-605-949-2480 or

Carolyn's Precious Prague Ratters
Carolyn Reynolds 321-723-1136
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Richard's Prague Ratters
Richard Toribio
) 325-5028

Martin's Prague Ratters
Martin & Jarmila















































































































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