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We recommend looking at each breeders page.  Find out a bit about them and their dogs.  Call them or email them to get an idea of what pups they might be expecting in upcoming litters.  Get on a waiting list if necessary. 

Palomar Prague Ratters  Andelka (Tilly) and Volt litter due mid MAY 2015 
Rufer's Prague Ratters - none at this time
Carolyn's Prague Ratters  -  puppies and young adults for sale
Martin's Prague Ratters - 1 male pup for sale born 1-11-15
Neutered older puppies and adults - there are adults available occasionally.  contact for more info


Mishka & Pups
Owned by David Rufer

Rufer's Prague Ratters

Drake from Palomar Prague Ratters



Hi, My name is Kristin Boren and I live in Missouri.  I am the club president. The first picture to the left is our first Prague Ratter, Tiki.   Our second addition is Isabella, who has had some puppies.  Tiki is spayed.  One of Isabella's pups, Drake is pictured on this page.  We added our third Prague Ratter, Andelka od Svatavky, who we call Tilly,  a beautiful brown and tan female.  We just traveled to the Czech republic in September and with the help of two amazing Czech breeders, we brought two new additions home.  Tecka Propper Puppy is a beautiful black and tan female, and Volt z Jeric is our stud dog puppy.  We are very proud of our dogs!  We have really enjoyed owning these tiny friends and if you bring one into your home, you are sure to experience the same joy.  If you are looking for a pup to love that is friendly, smart as a whip, and very affectionate, the Prague Ratter is for you.  If you don't enjoy lots of grooming, these are for you!  If you have always wanted a tiny dog who is not yappy or snappy... look no further!  Prague Ratters are energetic and fast dogs with remarkable agility, but they don't miss a chance for a cuddle or to just curl up on an inviting lap. 
The American club was formed to support individuals who wanted to add this special breed to their family. We are not a registering authority such as FCI, AKC, UKC, or ARBA. We began registering dogs through the Prague Ratters Club of America to keep a studbook of lineage for dogs in the USA.   There is definitely a need for this in the USA as dogs in the USA are not eligible to be registered in the registering authorities previously mentioned. Therefore, we register our own dogs now through our American club. We are seeking acceptance into a larger breed club registry currently I took over this job June 2008 and have been registering all the USA dogs since.  In addition, we also register dogs and pups imported.

   The Prague Ratter (Pražský Krysarík) is a miniature, friendly, social, extremely intelligent and obedient dog. The Prague Ratter understands children and does extremely well in a family environment, except for very small children because of it's small bones. This breed shows great love for his masters. For such a small dog, Prague Ratters are not barkers. By nature he is noble and intelligent. Their personality is like a large dog in a small body, laid back most of the time like a Mastiff, but when playing is very lively and fast!

The Prazsky Krysarik breed is really old, so it is almost impossible to trace its early beginnings, but Polish chronicler Gala Anonym wrote that Polish king Boleslav II The Brave (1058 -1080) became fond of the Prague Ratter, he had two that came from Bohemia (the Czech lands). The Ratter was often present at royal banquets and also symbolized the independence of Czech lands (
Bohemia) and sovereignty of the Czech nation. In early history of the Czech lands ( Bohemia
) the Ratter adorned the courts of Czech princes and kings and was often given as a gift to other European rulers. From the royal palaces they went to other affluent members of society and then to ordinary citizens. Click the History button above for additional information! 





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